"Run as bug" Anyone else?

Hey guys,

just checking if anyone else is facing this. When I click the “Run as” link in the database the app opens in a new page but the user is not logged in.

Is anyone else facing this

I’ve never been able to get this to work… and then forgot about it. lol. :no_mouth:

Edit… maybe it was a specific app… It’s working on another one now. Odd.

It is working for me Ali

Thanks you guys, i guess i will submit a bug report then…

@AliFarahat Try going to the URL directly with the App Name & UniqueID of the user and see if the issue persists. If it works, more than likely a bug on the editor side. Mine seems to be working correctly either way.


Yup. Stopped working for me too. I use it all the time. Was working fine in the last few days but now does not:

New page opens, with the user info populated in the page, but any navigation and the actual logged in user is the last user previously logged in to the website directly on this machine. I was previously able to be logged into the published live site as an admin, and have a “run as” demo instance from the live database running in another page so that I could help see the site as a user would to troubleshoot for them.

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