How to receive all of the data from an API call that returns paginated data

Hey everyone,

I’ve been stuck on this problem for about two days. I’m not sure how to receive all of the data from an external API that sends me the data in pages of 500. At the end of each page (call), there is a link to the next page (of 500) which can be seen in the screenshot (links next), but I’m not sure how to loop the call so that all of the pages are displayed.

The link is just added to the url of the original api call and the next page is received.

Appreciate any responses. Thanks

Did you find a solution? I’m trying to build a pagination RG with for 4 filters with Xano but I can’t find anything

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I ended up getting someone to write a custom script in pipedream and then called that. It is not ideal and I think a better solution could definitely be written. I may create a plugin for it if enough people are calling paginated APIs

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Just leaving this here for the benefit of the order. Not as elegant a solution as would be ideal. However, I have found @keith’s “List Shifter” and “List Popper” plugins to be very helpful in these kinds of scenarios, where you need to loop through and merge multiple pages of API data. I’d recommend giving them a look.

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