How to receive data from Telegram Users?

I’m currently using the Telegram Bot Plugin purchased from @ZeroqodeTeam and I am trying to create a use case where each user can use my app to manage their OWN indvidual Telegram bots. I’ve created a workflow that allows them to input their Bot Token and Bot Username into my app.
Is there a way for my app to know whenever someone starts their bot so that my app can “Create a new Telegram User”?

The Zeroqode demo page uses the “Get bot chat info” method but I want to know if there is way for my app to do this automatically without needing the users to press on a button that triggers the “Get bot chat info” method.

I know the plugin page has this:

So does this mean I can only use the webhook for ONE bot? Also, I have confirmed that the plugin’s “Get bot chat info” method uses Telegram’s getUpdates method, which means that if a user is to setWebhook for their bot, they would no longer be able to use the “get bot chat info” method from the plugin. Does anyone know a workaround?