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How to reference a RG's cell outside of it?

I have this cute user list displayed as images (avatars):

Now I wanted to display the user name on mouse over (or a menu on click).

I can do it, but if the text is inside the repeating group cell (this tiny 25 px square)

So the challenge is how can I get the cell reference, but display an element that surpasses (or is outside) the RG’s cell? :sweat:

Haven’t tried this with a repeating group, but I had a similar thing in my header where I wanted a drop down nav menu to appear when I hovered over a text object. I created a floating group for that and set it relative to the text object, and kept it hidden until “text isHovered = yes”

In my head, there’s no reason why this couldn’t work for your situation, but again, I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe worth a shot?

Thanks @potentialthings but with a repeating group is a little more trickier.

An element inside the RG cell has the “current cell” referencing, so you can call anything dynamically for that specific cell - in this case the user. The question is how to call a cell info outside a cell (or something bigger than the cell, but parented to it). I think it can be done, I just can’t think a way now…

Hover is very tricky. But easy enough to do it on click.


Thanks @NigelG your example help me do this

On click is easier, but 1 question:

  • if I do a menu, how to align that element to each cell (so the menu appears besides the item clicked)?

See that ugly red square? That element gets the user name, and I tried to have an element outside the RG to get the red square value, but it’s not possible, que red square doesn’t appear listed in insert dynamic data (used a text and button elements)

I think one way to do this is just create a big group with duplicated invisible RGs that get visible on hover, or click…could work, but seams a lame solution :frowning:

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Let me ask you: in that example did you have to store the item in DB? So each click will count as a workflow?
In my example I saved the user name, it’d be great not to have to run a workflow for that.

You can’t access a cell from the outside, as we wouldn’t know which cell this is about.

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Can that change, or isn’t there an alternative for my use case? :sob:

But you can send the cell outside the repeating group. And then access that.

But I have long though a “repeating groups current cell” would be very very useful.

But what would you use to define what the current cell is?

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@NigelG @emmanuel Right now we can see the cell index. If I could copy an cell element and could lock parenting, or have an element to reference to another element, so it could just get data from the same source.

But I’m new to repeating groups, if I could build something like below it would be awesome

If you create something inside a repeating group, and then change its dimensions and location using the element editor, it will continue to be linked to that repeating group even if it’s outside. Just don’t try to reposition it using mouse else bubble would delink it from the repeating group. I would recommend use this trick for the issues you’re facing.

@emmanuel a suggestion - can we have a feature “set the parent element”, similar to “select the parent element” in the element editor ? It would make us a lot more productive especially for elements behind other elements.

On another note, how do u generate these animated gifs to upload on forum ? Which plugin / software do you use

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What do you mean by “set the parent element”?

Currently an element can be put inside a group / repeating group only by dragging inside it… This would just let us do the same using element property editor

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Outside RG it will lost parenting

That’s because you used the mouse. Try moving it out using keyboard setting up x and y for that element :slight_smile:

It’s almost there @gaurav ! It can be displayed outside the cell indeed, but it will be cropped out the RG.
Is it possible to make it display outside the RG @emmanuel? Please? :blush:

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I use cloud app or recordit for the animated gifs, very handy, but I think its just for Mac. I heard there’s a good one for Chrome on Windows.

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It’s a bit dangerous for us to do so, i’ll think about it but can’t promise. In general, it’s a bad idea to have elements out of their containers (and @gaurav, using the keys is actually a hack that we should remove at some point…)

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Thanks, I really appreciate that. I think sometime down the road something would be created for this case.