How to access RG cell-data from the outside

I have a RG set to show only one cell. (1 rows, 1 columns). The data is searched from the database and sorted RANDOM.

Outside of this RG I have two buttons, NEXT and PREVIOUS which use the workflow “Show Next of RepeatingGroup” and “Show Previous of RepeatingGroup”.

This all works fine, the group is displaying random items when you press the buttons.

Now I want a SAVE button, that will also be outside of the repeating group and should be able to catch the current cells shown data. I can’t find any way to access this item that is currently visible. From the outside I can access the RG’s full list, but how to you get to the correct item showing at the moment?

Please help! :smile:

Explore how custom states work

Thanks, I have tried to achieve this with custom states, but I can’t get it to work either.

The only way I get it to work is by placing the button inside the RG and set the state with “current cells user” for example. But I can’t find a way to do it from the outside of RG.

Thanks cmarcfhan. I’m not sure if I explained my problem correctly.

I have no problem accessing the data in an RG-cell from WITHIN that cell by placing a button inside of the RG.

What I want to achieve is by placing a button OUTSIDE of the RG that can catch the data from the currently visible cell. Since there is only one visible cell at a time I want to believe this Is somehow possible?

Here is a screenshot of what I mean. By placing the buttons inside the RG there is no problem, but I want to have the buttons outside.

Put your buttons in the RG? Makes it a lot easier. Otherwise the satélite plugin may be helpful.

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Agree with @jared.gibb

I have not used @vini_brito 's plugin though as Jared suggests it looks like a solution.

For the use case that you kindly describe I strongly suggest you reconsider placing the action inside the rg (either via buttons, a press on the tile that opens a popup with those buttons, or a dotted menu that opens a group focus with those options, or a down arrow that reveals a hidden group that upon a click expands and reveals those buttons).

Best of luck with your project! :+1:t2:

I can also recommend BDK’s “Repeating Group Tools” plugin. It’s not free but does solve this easily.

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Thanks everyone, I just went with your suggestions and placed the buttons inside the group instead.

Now it works, but now I have new transition and animation-timing related issues when next items load. :rofl:

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