How to reference a thing by its creator when the 'created by' field in DB is blank

Hello Bubblers!

Is there a way to reference a ‘thing’ by its creator when the “created by” field is blank? Is there an equivalent to a system or built-in account?

I’m trying to display items that were created by the current user or by “system” (for lack of a better term).


I always add a User table to avoid these kind of things. Makes it much easier to change the User.

Hi Codeables!

Yep, I have a user table. The issue is that it appears you cannot reference items by their creator which were created manually on the back-end or via upload.

Example: Search for ‘things’ (search constraint: Created by is in CurrentUser :converted to list :plus item <system account, built-in account, however that account can be referenced, etc>)

I’ve tried search constraint of “Created by is empty” but it does not work.

I had a sort of wonky hacked solution that worked but it mysteriously stopped working a few days ago. That was “Current User :converted to list :plus item Search for (any “thing” that was created on the back-end)'s Creator)”

“Wonky” (once working, now non-working) solution below

Any suggestions on how I could accomplish something like in the ‘Example:’ above would be greatly appreciated!


Inside of Video create a new field called Related Users with type User(as a list).

Now you can search for videos. Related Users contain Current User.