How to reference another cell index in a RG for math?

Hi there,

For simplicity’s sake, I have a RG that has 100 rows. Each row has a number and I want to do some math based on the value in the row above.

Say I have 5 rows, each looking like this:


Next to the value “5” I want to have a number that is 10-5 (10 from the row above).
The next row next to the value “8” I want to have a value that is 5-8.
The next row below that I want 8-2, then 2-4.

So basically each row takes the number from the row index above it. Not sure how to reference row index values in such as way. Possible?

You should collaborate with the poster here

He is trying to do the same exact thing.

Hello @underhill.dan ,

I think i can help you.


Here is my solution you have to ask for the list of your RepGroup but start at curent cell+1 and only take 1st elment.

to select the curent cell +1 I used expression but there are many ways to do it.
I hope it helps you!



That is cool…I’ve rarely made as much use of the Expression and should look into more of what it can do

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