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How to refers to grandparent cell (repeated group inside a repeating group)


In order to have multiple checkboxes (dynamically), I have created a repeated group inside a repeating group like this :

When the user click on the checkboxes, I would like to register that inside the grandparent database. Does someone know how should I do that?


Hi @maxime1 ,

May you explain more about relation between data in your case above?

What I understand is you have list of “data type X” inside RoomType data type, then to capture checkbox value you have a kind of “status” field in “data type X”.

To have the checkbox working, you can use auto-binding option on the checkbox. But you need to setup Privacy rule to make this working. Hope that makes sense

Hi all. I have same problem. I have RG B (for example) inside RG A. And on B RG i need call A RG cell

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