Please help me display this repeating group correctly!

I am trying to list one item in each checkbox. In the picture above, I would like the first checkbox to show Express Service, and the next checkbox to only list in-home visit.

Here is how my database looks

I tried :uniqueelements but it still didn’t work. Any help with this? I just want the repeating group to look at the table, match the business to the current page business and pull one featureName per line in the checkboxes.

Instead of using ‘Search for’, you should make sure the repeating group is showing the data type you intend to display, and then the checkbox should be ‘Current Cell’s [thing]’.

For example, I have a recipe app. The main page group is type ‘recipe’ which is the data type I use for Recipe Name, List of RecipeIngredients, etc. RecipeIngredient is another data type, which is actually the ingredients themselves. So my repeating group is inside of the main group ‘Recipe’, and the repeating group’s data type is ‘recipeingredient’. It’s source is ‘Parent Group Recipe’s Recipe Ingredients’ which would give me a list of the recipeingredients tied to this particular recipe. My text is ‘Current Cell’s RecipeIngredient’s Name’, and each cell corresponds with the next Recipeingredient on the list.

Mockup Example:

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