How to refresh table with original data

I am trying to RUD in table.

After changing table by clicking checkbox, if I go to another menu without saving, the table should be refreshed. but it doesn’t work.


Actually, the checkbox should be checked because I didn’t save it.
If someone who has idea on it, please help me.

Hi @tatsiana

Are you storing the checkboxes values in custom states?
It would be helpful if you could add a screenshot of your workflow when the checkbox is checked/unchecked

I can share my environment with you in read-only mode just like before.

so the data in table is from bubble db.


Based on your setup, the checkboxes values are auto-saved:

The expression that sets the checkbox value is whether permissions contains 1. If yes, then the checkbox is checked. If not, the checkbox is unchecked:

When the checkbox value is changed, you make that change (whether to add or remove 1) right away in your workflows, without needing to click on Save:

So for the checkboxes, the “Save” button is useless for now. If you want to only save the value when clicking on Save, then I would suggest you store the checkbox values in custom states, and only add/remove 1 when clicking on Save, based on the custom states values.

The reason why I saved it into db is that I need to send them to API.
I used bubble db to save update temporarily before API.
If click save, then the data in bubble db is sent to API.(the bubble db shows the update). that is my humble idea.
do you have any idea with it?

I saved data from API to db as you helped me before and diplayed them on table.

Then another way that I tried was to show data in table from API directly.
But the checkboxes never changed as original value.

The purpose of this task is that user can think that it was saved without clicking save button.

I don’t really know what API you’re referring to, and I honestly won’t have time to deep dive into your use-case (maybe someone else here will have the time) - all I know is that this issue you’re having:

is because of this:

sorry for my inconvenience. but whenever click permission button, I updated db from API. so in this case should it work well?

although, the db was changed when add or remove but without clicking save it is not sent to API.(my backend).
so if I update db from API when click permission, it should work, i think.


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