Checkbox in table

Hey everyone, I’m using the new bubble table element, and after you check a checkbox it’s value gets carried over to the other pages of the table.

I am using the listshifter plugin to do the pagination

P.s checkbox value is dynamic, binded to each row-

Bump, have this issue in couple of my apps, so it’s really important

Hey :wave: @tomajx

In that workflow, make sure the last step ‘resets the relevant input’. Otherwise it will do that.

Does that help? :man_shrugging:

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I did try doing the ‘reset relevan inputs’, and animating the table with 100ms fade in animation (as that has helped in similar scenarios), no luck :expressionless:

Hmm :thinking:

Something else to check… What is your condition on the checkbox element? Anything important?

Can you share a screenshot of your workflow?

Checkboxs condition is just the default stuff-

And here is the workflow (same for back button).

workflow for the checkbox is external API call (same when unchecked, jus different call)-

I see the issue I think.

The reset input isn’t working because it’s on the wrong workflow. It needs to be on the workflow that is actually updating the checkbox value. Does that make sense?

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