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How to remove credit card details or block my credit card

Hi everyone,

How can I block my credit card on it seems that I only can update my credit card but not remove the credit card information, I am asking because I just found out that I have been charged with 3 extra coaching sessions (3 * 120 USD) while I didn’t take them :frowning:

Please I need help, I don’t want to block my credit card either from my bank side, I am afraid this might happen again :frowning:

Hi there, @ahmed.khodeir.87… did you try contacting Bubble support at [email protected]? I’m sure they would want to know that you were charged for sessions you didn’t take, and I’m sure they would help to rectify the situation. That being said, I’m not sure how payment for coaching sessions works… so, if you signed up for them and then didn’t show up, maybe it’s totally legitimate that they billed you. Either way, you should contact support to get help on this one.


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Hi Mike, thanks for your respond.

I did contact support ( through contact support form ) , and sent them an email too, yesterday and today, and I am waiting for their response which i am sure it will clarify and be satisfactory for sure.

but i didn’t sign up of sessions and didn’t show up, I signed up for two sessions and attended and were very helpful, and another session that I canceled and was canceled, but there is some sort of a pattern that it seems that I am being charged twice for each session " this is what shows up in my bank statement, yet yesterday I got a new invoice for one of the previous sessions that happened on October, and I thought it was a late email delivery until I viewed my emails calendar with the coach and my bank statement after that, so I have verified these findings unfortunately, which is an incident that happened with another software provider, and I stopped that other issue by removing my credit card details feom their system, until they resolved the issue.

Sorry for talking so much, but just wanted to clarify things out for team who I know they keep a closer eye on the forum.

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Yikes… that doesn’t sound good… sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. I’m guessing support will respond in a timely manner, but to attempt to answer your actual question, I don’t think there is a way to remove or block your credit card in Bubble. That being said, my opinion is that removing or blocking the card in Bubble is probably overkill in this situation, especially if support is able to quickly resolve the matter. However, if it was me, I wouldn’t hesitate to let my credit card company know that the charges were unauthorized, and then they can do what they do on their end. Heck, that’s one of the major benefits of credit cards, and I would certainly use it. Just food for thought.


an update: team are just amazing!, responded faster than expected and did a very through clarification on my issue, and already resolved!! again thanks team :blush:

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