How to remove image upload from Rich Text Editor plugin by bubble?

I am attempting to use the bubble built plugin for Rich Text Editor and curious if there is a way to disable the ability to upload an image?

Or if there is an ability to enable and disable all of the available features?

Hey, @boston85719,

Did you ever found out a solution for this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

No but there are other threads that people provide some work around

Easy, just go to properties of the rich text element and on style complexity choose ‘basic’


While I don’t think it’s necessary to reply to this thread anymore, your solution won’t stop people from either dragging an image into the RTE or pasting an image.

All that does is remove the shortcut toolbar buttons.

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Hi, @boston85719
can you tell me which threads that provide the workaround. i really need it on my app :slight_smile:

I don’t know off hand sorry…try doing a search and reading through some of the results.

yeah, been doing that and nothing comes up in the forum