Rich text editor images


When an image is dropped on the RTE (Bubble´s plugin), the image is saved in the file manager, and named “richtext_content.jpg”.

When I delete the RTE, I can only delete the text, but not the images that are in there.

How can I delete also the images uploaded in the RTE?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

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Thanks for your post! You can either delete the file manually by navigating to App Data → File Manager in your application’s editor or delete it using a “Delete an uploaded file” workflow action.

Thanks for responding.

I mean that when a user drops an image into the RTE, the image is saved in the file manager like “richtext_content.jpeg”. When I want to delete the Type RTE (with only text field), how can I delete this image(s) uploaded to the RTE?

In that case, you could delete the image directly in the file manager; it’s now possible to do this in bulk so that you can delete several of these image uploads at once.

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