How to remove multiple items from a list

Please I need help removing multiple items from a list.

I want to remove the first two items in a list using a workflow, but don’t how to do it.

Thanks a mil in advance.

Could you provide some more details about what are you trying to develop? There is a :minus list operator that returns original list minus items from arguments list

Hi @artemzheg ,

I am building a ChatGPT clone. It takes a message from the user and returns an output.

When you send another message, it also sends the previous conversations to the API so that it has context.

I save all this back and forth conversation to a list.

However, the API has a limit as to how much text it can handle. So before sending a request to the API, I want to first check if the text characters are above a certain number, and if so, delete the first two items in the list of conversations (both in a state and the database).


Minus Item : The Lists First Item?


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Thanks Nigel.

I used Delete a list of things and it now works.

Is there a way to get the character count of the texts in a list?


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Wow, thanks!

That should be it.