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How to remove special characters and line break in string?

I have suspicion that I am getting error on my app due to either special characters or line breaks on my multilineinput field

I know about find and replace, but is this the correct way of doing it?
I need to remove especially the line breaks on input because I think it is causing the issue as I have observed.


Just press the enter/return key inside the Text to find field. There’s no need to escape characters with a backslash.


it still didnt work.

It this is how it should be?


the cursor just move under?

Hi there, @hirayaleads… get rid of the quotation mark, too. Literally just hit the enter key in that field, essentially creating a line break in the field.


I also needed that " also, because it is creating errors if i have " in the input.

what to do with this scenario?

You can use two find and replace operators in the expression (i.e., put a second operator right after the first one, and find and replace the quotation mark in the second one).

Thanks I added a 2nd find and replace
but still did not work

I recorded a very very short video to show you

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I am pretty sure it is caused by the line breaks

Anymore advice?

OK, it looks like you’re making an API call but sending invalid JSON data. Instead of the search and replace, try using the :formatted as JSON-safe operator…

Thank you it worked. I had to add another find and replace to remove the the extra " at the beginning and end because it adds extra " which conflicts on the api call

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do you happen to know on how to remove the initial " on the formatted as json-safe operator?

When I added fine and replace for " at the begining and end of json safe operator then it is causing me other issues

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