How to remove the Bubble Cookie Consent?

How does one remove this cookie consent? It is linked to not having default cookies on the user?

This is a requirement under GDPR if you have users of your app in the EU. If you don’t, then it’s not required.

Have you started with a template? I’m fairly certain that the cookie consent must be added and isn’t automatically part of all apps.

Anyway, there is a plugin called Cookie Consent. If you don’t require it, you can remove that plugin and the associated workflows to avoid it all together.

Although you might also like to check the settings as you can choose who it goes to - i.e. everyone, just people in the EU, etc. If in doubt, leave it in.

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Ah yeah it was that plugin that got carried over.

Well. It is an interpretation of GDPR by people in the USA.

At this stage Bubble has ALREADY dropped the cookies. It is NOT consent as you can’t opt-out.

So … not GDPR at all :slight_smile:

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