Cookie Consent Box from Bubble never disappears!

Hello everyone,

would you happen to know how to remove the cookie consent box from my website? I have upgraded to a paid plan. This box appeared right after. Now the problem is that whenever a user clicks “I agree” or “I disagree” the button reloads the window and the box appears again. It is a bit problematic and doesn’t give a good experience for the user when they visit my website. AND this is the first thing they will most likely click.

So do you know how to remove that box from the app?

Is that a plugin you’re using?..

Or did you create it yourself?

In any case, I’m guessing it’s not storing anything after being clicked (either on the User datatype or in a cookie), either that of the action to check if the User has agreed to allow cookies or not is not set up correctly…

Hey Adam,

thanks for chipping in! :slight_smile:

So Bubble support says its a plugin. They said this:

I noticed that you are using the Cookie Consent (EU) plugin in your application.

But I checked my app and I do not have such a plugin. This box appeared when I upgraded the app to a paid app. It was not there before when I was developing on a free plan. They also said they do not know where this box is coming from exactly later in the conversation. :see_no_evil:

It is a plugin that bubble has on some of their pages as well. But there it works - meaning it disappear after you click on either “I agree” or “I disagree”.

I took another look at your app (in Dev Tools), and it appears you’ve got the CookieScript plugin installed on your app…

So it must be configure incorrectly. You’ll need to refer to the plugin docs: Cookie Script PRO Plugin Documentation - Google Docs


Yeap, that script Bubble injects somewhere to display the plugin. But I cannot access it via the Plugin tab inside of the editor.

So question would be, how to disable this script. Is there an option somewhere to turn off the consent box.

Thanks for finding the docs. Will have a read and see if I can change it from there.

Did you build this app yourself?

Yes. The only “script” that I ever added myself is the custom CSS.

It’s a mystery then…

If you’re willing to share a link to your editor I’m sure someone might be able to get to the bottom of it…

Otherwise I guess you’ll have to keep digging.

Ah good that you mentioned it. I made the app viewable from the editor mode.

You’ve got this script on your index page header:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8" src="//"></script>

Wth. First time seeing this. Never checked the header since I knew I didn’t add this. Wow. You are a star! Thank you so much!

If you have metamask wallet, send me your address. Will send you some $ for help! I was clueless about this one.

You really helped me out. Thank you!

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