How to renitialise a file uploader with a button when the wrong file has been uploaded?

Hi all,

I have a file uploader that allows a customer to upload a file.

When the file is wrong, the customer usually click again on that area and it opens a folder that allows him to choose another file. However, this is not something intuitive for some customers (older ones…) that don’t know what to do when they upload a wrong file. As they see the name of their file in the file uploader, they feel they can’t change it and don’t think to click again on the area.

As a result, I added a small trash button beside the file uploader so it can reset the file uploader to initial state (no file selected) when pressed.

I tried several way to do that (workflow with delete file downloaded, add a condition on the file uploader when the trash is pressed etc.) but I am unable to make the trash button works.

Does someone have any idea ? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !


Hi all ! After some time look for a solution, I finally found it ! The right workflow to put in place is “Reset a group”, and then select the group where the file uploader is located :ok_hand:

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