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How to reorder the elements tree

Is it possible to reorder the elements in the Elements Tree? I’m creating a single-page app here (in part), and doing so is much harder than it needs to be because I can’t click-and-drag Elements Tree items into the order and hierarchy that I want.

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This is not possible. It orders how you positioned your elements on the canvas. I struggled with it too. You learn to live with it. Just properly name them but don’t waste too much time. Work with “reveal element” and know your elements I am afraid.


Yes this is Pain, Some groups get stuck with other groups and move up and down together,
some groups in the element tree does not move at all,
and some of the groups just move half way forward and backwards.

i think it is the size of the page/group which matters and something i have been wasting time with to get groups in order, however there seems to be no proper documentation of how the groups are positioned, not that i was able to find.

please if someone share the information on this.

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Same here. Would be great for Bubble team to look into it. Actually, visual editor is a way of organizing things for human and replacing tedious work. And very flexible tree is one of the ways to boost this usability.

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actually it does not matter where the group position is in element tree, however i observed that

  1. All groups with same x,y coordinates (Like different sizes of paper stapled together) can be moved up and down, when you bring it to Front or send them back.

  2. Groups with more Y value will automatically go down in the tree, they do not move up if there are groups having less Y values, however you can arrange them front or back to show as wanted.

  3. Groups with different x value freezes in the element tree, and is a mystery and sometimes moves up and down in pairs.

  4. Popups sits below groups and does not move up and down, they are fixed in order you have made them - 1st, 2nd, 3rd. however anything having larger y value than popup will go below popups.

So groups with same x.y values can be arranged and not all.


Wow! What a detailed research! I only wish taking out of the group and into the group would be the same easy like in Photoshop.

Thanks @HappyBuilder
Yes its easy to take things out and into the group, you will get used to of it after new days,
few points to remember:

  1. Elements get selected individually even when they are grouped together.
  2. To select a group you have to point it away from elements inside the group,
  3. If things are not visible sometimes try bringing them forward, they might sit behind another element.

Hope this helps.

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Ugh this is such a pain, making a single page app becomes so messy with the elements tree seemingly randomising the listing. Please Bubble, at least give us the ability to list in alphabetical order.

Whilst this is not a fix for the tree order directly, here is a way you can view your order and access it.

create each element with a number in front of it, then access it like this:
bubble tree

I hope that this helps the reorder pain a little. :slight_smile: