How to properly order elements?

Hello guys,

Is it possible to order the elements? I mean, I have two groups positioned on the same XY coordinations. In the element tree I cannot move them up or down, to create an hierarchy that would dictate what should appear in the front. How can I edit that?

OBS: I’ve tried using Bring to Front / Send to Back, but it didn’t work

OBS 2: I know I can create workflows to hide / show the groups, but I was trying to avoid unnecessary workflows… If I can edit the order of the element, I don’t need the workflow - that’s what I’m trying to achieve



Can you share screenshots or a link to the app so we can see what you’re trying to do, specifically?

Hi felipe,

I am having the same problem: superposition of groups of same size and position, and no control over their order of appearance in the element tree. A series of such groups named #1, #2, … #8 are appearing in the order #5, #6, #7, #8, #4, #3, #2, #1. Would be nice to have a solution.

Thanks for the question, regards … O.

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You can see in the screeshots, I have two pop-ups… Pop-up A (ver/editar lancamentos) is always in front of Pop-up B (ver lancamentos (comp)). I need the opposite… :expressionless:

As I said, I know I can hide Pop-up A and show Pop-up B, but for a specific reason I can’t to that (well, I can, but it will require a lot of workflows and adjustments).

Any help is most welcomed! :wink:

No? Nobody? :frowning:

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