How to replace a empty fields in list with 0?

My list of numbers will look like "€110, , " (“€110, [empty], [empty]”)

Нow to replace a empty fields with 0?


Loop through them and use the find and replace operator

There is a problem: in my RG i got a needed values(Do a search for + filtered + grouped by + (aggregation = sum) + formatted as 1028.58 ) you can see on the screenshot below. “Formatted as” i use because i can’t use find&replace with numbers.
Current list of number from RG - “[empty], [empty], 39, 325, 150”

I use a find&replace but as a result i get a empty fields also. Try to paste a space, but it didn’t help.



Can u help me?)

Yes, it can be possible on Repeatinggroup.

Result :

DB Data:

Thanks, but it only replace it in RG. I want to have a list with zeros:
“[empty], [empty], 39, 325, 150”
“0, 0, 39, 325, 150”


Just use like below,

Repeatinggroup text:formated as Json-safe:find&replace (“” => “0”):find&replace(“” => )

Result will be like below,


Thanks, works great)

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