How to replicate this google map api call (1 minute video)

In this 1 min video in the learning center he builds a map app that calls to Google Maps. I tried to replicate this but it doesn’t give me the same options. Is he using a plugin - what are the hidden steps I need to do here?

Who maintains these videos or will answer questions about them? I also noticed that some of the other videos are really out of date. Kind of scary for a prospective customer who’s on the fence re signing up…

Here’s an example where the left panel looks really old…

If I sign up as a paying customer will I get these questions answered?

These videos are (were) built by the Bubble team. You raise a good point that some of the videos are fairly dated and don’t reflect the reality of the current platform.

Generally, the email is for bugs and account related questions. And you’re correct that support@ is reserved for paid customers (as noted on the Bubble pricing page)

Thanks Dan. Appreciate the reply. I’ll try look elsewhere for some solution.

Does anyone use this API to google maps? What are the correct steps to replicate this, as the video is outdated?

What exactly are the things / functionalities you’re looking to replicate? Based on that, I may be able to point you to a few resources.

I would like to search for businesses on the map with some criteria e.g. Google review rating within a certain range, and display the ones that match.

I was hoping to follow that video and see if it would teach me enough to build on.

Got it. I poked around that tutorial and it looks like Bubble doesn’t support that use case anymore.

You may be able to achieve what you’re looking for using this plugin.

@Bubble since it appears that the built-in Google Maps tool does not support Google Places anymore, perhaps this tutorial should be removed?

I’ll try that one but it looks like there’s no documentation and some people have noted that in the reviews.

Appreciate the digging though :slight_smile: