Replacing Google Maps

Hi there,
I am creating a delivery app, I really don’t want to use google maps (they are expensive!)
Let’s say I’ve found replacements for the geocoding APIs,
my question is how do I integrate the API so in the app - it will be able to remember the users locations and do the search by location radius?
can the bubble app store that information in it?

Thank you very much in advance!

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I haven’t used it myself but I think you should use the API for that. Searching by radius is also done via the API of your replacement

Hope this helps you in the right direction

I’m very new to Bubble,
I did see the geolocation company has the radius search API,
I’m wondering how would I make it that it can go through my users locations ?(from my bubble app database)
thank you for your reply!

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I would suggest using the api of your location service to ask for the users current location or ask the user via input for a location. Because once u let bubble handle anything that has to do with locations it uses the Google api. Bubble has manuals about api usage but if you don’t have a programming background I can understand the confusion. I might have some time to dive into it next week.

So what I would do:

  1. If you api has a search function so you can give text and get longitude and latitude in return you can save those for each user.
  2. If you api can look up the current location u can use that to save the longitude and latitude.
  3. All of the above has to be done for the food companies aswel
  4. Use the api to return a list of companies in the area by their longitude and latitude.

Can you please share a little more about the location service you want to use, company name for instance?

As you can see its a lot of work to use another location service. But it can be done

Hope it helps!

somebody else, said I have to use a plugin in order for the location service provider would be able to go through my database, so I’m thinking maybe to go with Mapbox?
the company I wanted to go with at first called - Geoapify
(again - thank you very much for the response!)