How To Require A Value in Air Date / Time Picker? i.e. should not be empty

How can you add validation to the air date and time picker?

It seems there is no checkbox like the standard Bubble date/time picker to mark as ‘must not be empty’

I have the same question… any suggestions?

Hi there, @JustinC and @ksaitow1… I ran into this limitation with the Air Date/Time Picker many months ago, and unless something has changed, the picker does not have something similar to Bubble’s native This input should not be empty functionality. So, the way I worked around it is by including two steps in my workflow… a step to show an alert when the date fields (I have a start date and an end date) are empty, and a step to terminate the workflow after the alert is shown.


In my example, the Terminate this workflow step has the same Only when condition as the step that shows the alert.

Anyway, that’s how I went about it… hope this helps!



Hi Mike,

Thanks for the quick response and the details. Very helpful! I think this will do the trick for me. Glad to know I was not missing something obvious.

Curious that the Air Date/Time Picker does not have the This input should not be empty functionality.

Thanks again!



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