How to require an exact number of characters (numbers) in an input

Hello there,

I have an input, that are numbers. But I need the input to restrain to an exact amount of characters. (all of them are numbers including 0)

If I do the input “interger” I can set a min and a max, but the numerical code can begin with MANY 0, making imposible to set a min

If I set it as a Text (numbers only) i can set the max number, but it’s not about the value. I just need to make it required to ask the amount of characters, (that are 22, could be like 0000500312345457631254)

how can i do it?

You will want to continue using Text (numbers only) and on the input button set the default state to “This element isn’t clickable”(checked). Set a conditional statement that goes something like When input’s value:number of characters = 22 then set “This element isn’t clickable” to false (unchecked).


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