Number of characters


I can set a maximum number of characters in an input.
But it would be awesome to have the ability to set the minimum number of characters. :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Hi there, @hacker… I’m guessing you know this, but just in case… it’s pretty easy to set a minimum number of characters for an input via a conditional on the input or an Only when condition in a workflow by using the :number of characters option. True, it’s not as easy as if there was a checkbox and a field like there is for max characters, but it still works like a charm.



Thanks, @mikeloc.

Yeah, I use conditions for achieving this.
But I have many groups (some hidden) and a button ends up having more than 30 conditions only for this, plus the conditions in almost all the inputs

So it can be easier.

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Thanks @mikeloc for the tip

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