How to return a list of numbers in Bubble?

I have a simple app where there’s a dashboard with a chart, and I need a list of numerical values to feed into this chart. Specifically, I need to know how many users responded to questions A, B, and C.

In this case, the responses are in the “Results” table, and I only need to know how many users answered each question and return it as a list. For example: 20, 13, 10.

The plugin I’m using to generate the chart is the one below.
Captura de ecrã 2024-03-23, às 10.45.10

Plugin config:

Dashboard page (now I’m using static data):

I have the same issue with the Age Bracket chart because I’m unsure of how to calculate the age of each user and return it as a list to feed the chart.

Thank you very much for reading this far, and all help will be greatly appreciated :smiley:

You will group by the data source by question and get the count assuming they keep answers in relation to the question in some way.

Hey @hergin , I don’t get it.

Maybe you should check this tutorial to understand why and how we use groupby operator.

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