Calculation support


it seems Bubble really struggles with any type of inline calculation.
In my case I am trying to visualize data in a chart (using amcharts), i have a survey on my page and want to know how many people answered it.
For the visualisation a list of numbers is needed so i extract all Datapoints (one datapoint for each question asked in the survey per user, so a total of users x questions datapoints.)
Now i can group and aggregate:count them by week without issues (or well minor issues with bubble grouping logic…)
and gain a list of for example 50 datapoints in week 1, 60 in week 2, etc. in the 10 question survey.
{50,40,…} ← List of Numbers

Now obviously 50 datapoints mean 5 people answered the survey (50/10=5).
Again bubble now fails me at the part one might think should be the simplest to do:

Devide a list of numbers by a number n to obtain a list of numbers where each number is divided by n respectively.
{5,4,…} ← Expected List of Numbers
There is no function for this. Sometimes I just wish i could plug in a simple formula evaluator, or code to fix those minor annoyances.
But yet again I’m probably forced to restructure my whole database, create awkward API flows and waste hours of work on a problem that should not be a problem in the first place.

Is there a better solution? Am I using bubble wrong?
Mind me, im from a code-based background where these things are just another “foreach” loop in code, yet bubble seems to really dislike the concept of iteration aside from repeating groups.

I find this very frustrating.

Thank you for any help in advance

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