How to return data from a api to use in recursive workflow currently returns nothing

Hey, all I have three data types I’m working with in a recursive backend workflow


I have a recursive workflow that creates a new product as well as a price. I then run another workflow via schedule API to do a price calculation to set the lowest price from merchants.
schedule api

This price calculation sets the lowest price from various merchants. This also works great! But here is where my issue starts. I would like to set the Datatype "products’ lowest price = to prices price

This is the second to last step in my “Products” recursive workflow. Currently, everything else works. This returns nothing.
lowest price price

So I was able to figure this out partly. I created a yes/no in Price. That’s has a conditional to see if Each price has a unique ID that matches the Products Price Unique ID.
What I found is about half the data ends up saying yes the other half says no. How do I go about telling it to wait for my pricecalc to complete?