Recursive Backend Workflow!

Hey bubblers. Anyone can help me an one issue? I have some API calls that return to me a list of products and orders. I need to create an Backend Workflow to make a loop on list and save each item in database. I don’t want to use API Workflow on a List because his have some bugs when the list is too long. I read some topics in forum but all topic was about one list that have in database and not list that return in api call. What is the best approach? Create normal flow to save the api call in database and after run a recursive workflow ou i can run recursive workflow in api call before is save in database?

Any advice is welcome! Thanks!

Hey @machadoa953 ,
I think you are looking for recursive workflow to create a thing using Schedule a API event.

This can be helpful to you

Hey man! This is exactly what i want, maybe what i need to make is put params, but i don’t know if i need to put all params that i have in database! Eg. I have in table Products somethings like: Name, Price, Description, SKU, Quantity and etc, i need to put the same params?


Yes Antonio, if you need any of the field to get default value or you can left it out.

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