How to return to the place where the user left to another page?

Hi. Help solve the problem, please. how to implement the return of the user to the previous page to the place from which he left. I am trying to pass the scroll position, it is displayed in URL , however when returning to the previous page, the user is taken to the very beginning of it. How to fix it? Maybe there is some easier way?

Hi there, @bluesun440… if you are sending the scroll position as a parameter in the URL, you can use the Toolbox plugin and its Run javascript workflow action to get the parameter and scroll to that position on the page. So, something like this…


Hope this helps.


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It’s still hard for me to understand) Could you explain in more detail how it works. I did everything as you have on the screenshot, but everything remains the same


You didn’t actually type “Get data from page URL”, did you? If you did, that’s not how that works. It’s an operator you have to select.

The Run javascript action should be part of a Page is loaded workflow event on the page to which you are navigating. That being said, what are you actually doing here? If I am on a page and I scroll down and then I navigate to a new page, are you sending my scroll position as a parameter to the new page so you can send it back to the original page when I go back to that page?

Anyway, you might have to rethink your approach, but the concept I gave you still applies. As long as you have access somewhere (e.g., as a URL parameter, from a field in the database, etc.) to the scroll position of a page that a user was on, you can use that scroll position to go back to the same position on the page when the user returns to it, and one way to do that is by using what I showed you.

yes, it’s working now! Thank you

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