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Hi @NigelG, any luck with this?

Yes, I think so.

But I need to remember what I was doing it for :slight_smile:

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Yes I understand, it’s quite an old post. Will be great help if you can recall. :slightly_smiling_face:

That something that I’m looking for too. Will appreciate a few pointers in the right direction.

Hi guys, this was answered by @fayewatson in a previous thread. I applied the logic to my app and it works beautifully. Here is a link. Hope it helps!

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Aha, yes that very clever using the Javascript to scroll.

There is still a bug, in that if you try to save the scroll position in the database, it will always be zero. It sends it via a parameter fine, which is odd.

The reason I wanted to do this, was to make the scroll position more generic and operate across multiple pages.

So when I go to another page, I store the sending URL and scroll position in a list on the user.

Then when we load a page, I can see if there was a scroll position previously stored (within x time).

However that is scuppered by the bug at the moment.

If you are using a one-page app you can save the last position to a state and use the toolbox to scroll to. With more complex one-page apps you can even create a LIFO list of positions saved to a state when going to previous pages. Similar to a mobile app.

Just remember to reset the state(single or list) when the navigation sequence path is broken.

Thank you @leonidas.petrou4 for the link. I’d missed that one. And @NigelG I have a similar requirement to you. And finally, @JonL for making me believe that it is possible. This is a challenge for next week.

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