How to round numbers

How can I round numbers in an expression? I tried :rounded to 1 , but it doesn’t work…

Thank you!

I just fiddled with rounding for the first time yesterday, pretty sure it is simply decimal points, so rounded to 0 equates to zero decimals points, and 1 equates to a single decimal point.

That’s as much as I gathered quickly when working on something similar yesterday.

Sorry, how did you put it in the expression? If I want 0 decimal points, what do I need to write?

I would actually not round it in the expression composer. Leave it unrounded. Then, wherever you’re using the expression’s value (workflow action, condition, etc.), round it from there instead.

Expression’s value :rounded to 0

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I tried to leave the expression composer unrounded, and i added :rounded to 0 in the text using the expression’s value, but it gives me this… It doesn’t even give me a number anymore…

You don’t type the words, you compose the expression from the expression builder. You’ll find :rounded… in the menu (upon clicking “more”).

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I’m sorry but I don’t understand where it is. (I am not really good in english). I am in the expression builder but i don’t see a button ‘‘More’’ nor the menu

Click on “value” at the end of your expression. You’ll see a “More…” button appear. Click it…

Step 1, click end of expression:

Step 2, ignore the fact that a menu popped up and click “More…” just to the right and find :rounded:

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you’re an angel, thank you so much

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