How to run Run as by different by Workflow

Hi support team,

I see on User tablet it has function “Run as”, it allow me to run my app by different user, I want to do it on log in form by workflow, please tell me how to do it.


Hey Long, I’ll tell you before others do but there is plenty of documentation on logging in users and even I believe every app has a reusable element built in with a log in process.
On top Of that there is plenty of info already in the forum.
The support team for bubble only assists with bugs as they concentrate their time on developing bubble further.
Part of using bubble is learning how to use it yourself.
Apart from that #cobubble and #romang both offer coaching and online courses, if your not willing to put the time into reading and learning, give one of these is the go

Hi Chad,

Yes, I mean that can I log in my App with only email information (without pass), I have searched on forum but don’t find out the solution, please tell me how to login my app by only email information as “Run as” in User table (without the password)?

Thanks so much!

Ah ok got you
Sorry for Jumping to Conclusion
I’m not sure of the answer to this
I have a feeling it’s not possible
The same as creating a user and assigning them a password is not possible
Someone else may have a solution

Because I am an admin of this app, I setup for our users log in my app by Google account, after users login Bubble auto create Bubble accounts in User table, so I do not know the user password of Bubble account, I need to run as different user to check but my app but I do not know the password of Bubble account :slight_smile: