Create a super password for login

Goodmorning everyone . I am developing an app together with a development team and we would like to create this. Since many of our customers ask us to do things for them on their app as an additional service, we would like to create a super-password that allows us to log into the customer’s account simply by entering it. So in the email field I would enter the email of the registered user, but in the password I would enter my super-password and not the one that the user used to register. Can it be possible to do this in bubble?

Hi there, @rispoli.mar2803… I don’t believe your super-password scenario is possible, but you are able to log in to a user’s account with the Run as feature that is accessible on the User data type on the App data tab…


If I have understood your post correctly, this feature should be exactly what you need. Oh, and if you attempt to use the feature and it doesn’t appear to be working, give this a shot…

Hope this helps.


thank you so much for your answer . My problem is only one, I would like to entrust another person with the task of managing the accounts of users registered on our app. For this reason I am a little hesitant to let him access my bubble app. Is there any way I can limit its possibilities?

I can’t think of a way to do what you have described, but in my opinion (and with all due respect), it shouldn’t be possible to do what you have described.

If I understand your response correctly, you are trusting another person enough to give them full access to your users’ accounts and their data, but you don’t trust the same person with access to your Bubble account? I’m sure you have your reasons (and I am not one to question them), but I don’t understand that one at all, and I wouldn’t go that route even if it was possible.

Anyway, just my two cents.


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