How to run the following code in my app?

The following code works fine when I run it in a browser (chrome), but it doesn’t work when I run it in my Bubble app. I need some help figuring out what I’m doing wrong.




it doesn’t look like inserting the code worked. For some reason, it’s running it. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Here’s a screenshot of the code:

> <!DOCTYPE html>
> <html>
> <head>

> <!-- Load widget code -->
> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

> <!-- Instantiate the widget -->
> <script type="text/javascript">

>     var featherEditor = new Aviary.Feather({
>         apiKey: '1234',
>         onSave: function(imageID, newURL) {
>             var img = document.getElementById(imageID);
>             img.src = newURL;
>         }
>     });

>     function launchEditor(id, src) {
>         featherEditor.launch({
>             image: id,
>             url: src
>         });
>         return false;
>     }

> </script>  

> </head>
> <body>                       

> <!-- Add an edit button, passing the HTML id of the image
>     and the public URL to the image -->
> <a href="#" onclick="return launchEditor('editableimage1', 
>     '');">Edit!</a>

@emmanuel what do I need to modify to make this run on my site/app? Thanks for your help.

I can’t tell like this to be honest. Just put this in a script in html and it should get run, as any script tag on the page (in run mode). If not, the chrome debugger is the way to go.

acharam uma solução para isso?, estou precisando pegar o endereco da imagem no bubble