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How to save inputs inside a dynamic repeating group?

Hello fellow Bubblers!

I’m building an app that allows my users to autopopulate their own document templates.

Let’s give an exemple to illustrate what I trying to make: my users’ job requires to write the same document over and over for their clients. This document is ALWAYS the same with the exception of two variables : the Name of the client & his Birthplace. Until now, easy to make.

Now, let’s imagine they have 100 document templates, each of them with a different number of variables. :wink:

My goal is to allow them to fill the variables in their templates easily. Microsoft Word -like.

Here is my database: [Data Type : - Field Name (Field Type)]


  • Name (text)
  • Email (email)


  • Name (text)
  • User (User)
  • Variables (List of Variables)


  • Name (text)
  • Template (Template)
  • User (User)


  • Template (Template)
  • Values (List of text)

Until now, I succeeded to retrieve the variables of a given template in a repeating group:

My main issue is now to save the values of the inputs in the repeating group and link them to the associated variables.

After spending several days testing a lot of different solutions (for exemple: a data type “values”(mentioned above but not working), or trying API call with JSON, etc), I really can’t figure out how to save these inputs.

To me, the best way to go would be the JSON solution (POST), but I don’t how to make it dynamic (as the templates never have the same variables nor number of variables)…

What would you do differently to save these inputs?

I really hope my request/question is intelligible :sweat_smile:

How about approaching the problem differently and making it a single input with a “add more” and a “done” button, where the “add more” would save and refresh the input form while the done would save and redirect to wherever it needs redirecting to next?

I’m new to Bubble but I don’t think the repeating group is designed for this.

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Thank you @jesuisbenjamin! I’m back (super late, obviously, sorry for that), but with months of training on Bubble. It was not the right approach indeed, but if my memory is right, I found the solution with the repeating group bdk plugin. Bdk Env plugin is also dope.
But all of this was not very scalable and a pain in th a** to maintain.
Hope this answer will help the next bubble beginners searching for the same solution I was :wink:

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It’s been a while since you posted this, but can you share how you did it?