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Need help - Ability to repeat rows up on action and store each input in to database

Hi Team - Few days old into bubble and already loving it.

I’ve a scenario where I’d like the app to dynamically add rows on the screen to seek user input in a group whenever the “Add more” is clicked. And, when “Done” button is clicked, need those input from the group to be saved into a database/thing/table.

Here’s my concern:

  1. When the elements are presented in a single group, the app is able to save the user input to database successfully. If the repeat group is used, bubble is expecting a “Type of content” to be chosen for the repeating group. All I just need is to store input from every element on the group into a thing.

  2. If the elements are presented in a single group, not able to find a work flow/action to repeat rows in the screen whenever “Add more” is clicked.

Really appreciate any guidance or direction. I’m not sure if the app missing any key configurations. Here is the link to screen for the sample. Each of these elements are simple plain pure static values from the drop down and nothing complicated.

and here are some screen shots

Hi @vijay.n.krishnamoort, welcome to Bubble! See if this works for you:

I’m going to use “Record” as the example Thing to which all these inputs are being saved.

Have a repeating group with type = Record. Source = search for records. This means the RG will list every Record in your database. If you need to filter it, add constraints to the search.

Inside the cell, add your inputs just like you have it in the screenshot. Set initial content for each. Ex: patient input’s initial content= current cell’s patient.

The add more button sits outside the RG. When add more is clicked > create new Record (leave all fields blank). The RG will now have a new blank cell.

Include a delete button inside the cell to create workflow: when delete is clicked> delete current cell’s Record.

To modify existing cells, either have an update button inside the cell for “make a change” workflow or use auto-binding.

Is this what you’re looking to do?

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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Hello - Thanks much for the tip! It worked perfect. I need to keep some clean up and navigation tuning work around to provide the optimal user experience but the solution you described above did the trick!.

Once again, thanks!

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