How to save text value to a custom state if checkbox is ticked

I want to be able to save some text values to a custom state depending on the checkboxes a user ticks.

Here’s what it looks like…

I created a custom state (text/List) to store the names of each checkbox ticked, but I don’t know how to implement it.

You need to add or remove the text from the list:
Assuming the element is called tmp3, and the state is called selected you set the value to tmp3's selected :minus item youritemvalue to remove the text, and tmp3's selected :plus item youritemvalue to add the text.

One action is triggered when the checkbox is unchecked, the other when the checkbox is checked.


Hi @dorilama ,

It’s not a repeating group, it’s just groups within a row.

So I don’t have those cell related options.

my example is in a repeating group but you can use watever text you prefer (eg. parent group text, or group x text, or any arbitrary text).
You have your text somewhere, use that.
The logic is that you set the value to:
your element’s value
plus item
any text you want

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