How to save the values of Multiline box as a Multiple entries List of texts

Hi Bubblers!

I have an easy one, but for some reason I am stuck!
I have a multiline box where users can put words separated by enter. I want to save the values in a List of texts of multiple entries, each line is an independent entry.
I can save the values of the whole multiline box, but it is stored as a single entry. How can I make each line an independent entry?

Thank you!

multilineInput’s value split by line break (press the enter key)

Hi Adam,
I have tried that, but it is saved as a single multi-line entry. Not as multiple entries.

Then you did it wrong.

(you must have saved it as a single text instead of a list of texts).

Feel free to share some screenshots of what you did so someone can identify your mistake…

I noticed the problem, I was using add instead of add list. Thanks!

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