How to save two variants of same/similar data without creating duplicates when searching

Hey all - I’m building an app where users can add golf course information. Golf courses will normally have different color tees. So, as you can see in my screenshot, you could have:

  • Course Name = Augusta / Course Tee = White

which would have a different set of information to

  • Course Name = Augusta / Course Tee = Blue

I then want to present users with a 2-step dropdown to first select the Course Name and then select from the relevant Course Tees available for that Course.

But I’m struggling to figure out how I stop the Course Name from being shown twice in the dropdown when there are multiple entries?

Any help greatly appreciated! :pray:

How about making “Course Tee” a list of things.

And when users try to add a new Course Name, check to see if the name already exists. If it exists, give them the option to modify it instead.

This way one Course Name instance is associated with the different Tee options.

Hey - thanks for your response.

I could be wrong but I’m not sure that fixes my issue. One thing I didn’t make clear in my original post is that there are a bunch of other data fields that will be inputted for say Augusta/Blue which will be different for Augusta/White.

My understanding of the “list of things” is that I could have Blue and White both listed under “Augusta” but I don’t believe I could then tie those other data fields to the relevant “Course Tee” just by doing that?


Just have a datatype for Course, and another one for CourseVariables

Link the CourseVariables to the Course (you could also add the CourseVariables to a list on the Course, but there’s probably no need).

Got it, that makes sense and think it’s sorted. Thanks!

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