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I’m saving data from a dropdown so that I can refer to that data right after, but when saving the data it appears like this …
This is where I save the product and want to save the category together

As soon as the category name is being saved

Hi there, @FelipeChanfrone… are you saying you want to see the category name instead of its unique id? If so, click the Primary fields button (which is right underneath your blue arrow), and change the primary field for category from unique id to name (or whatever you call the name field).

Hope this helps.


Man, very good, it worked, only now I have another problem, I am not able to see each product in its category, the repeater groups are simply empty

I think it’s because I’m using 3 repeater group it must be giving conflict somewhere

If you can share some screenshots of the repeating groups and their data sources, I’d be happy to try to help you figure it out.

Sure here it is

I deleted one of the groups to see if it worked but it didn’t. This is the first repeater group it searches for all products in the database

This second group should take products that have a specific category

This third group simply shows the products

The product list is like this now

Hmm, I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to do, but one thing I did notice is that your second repeating group doesn’t have a data source. That being said, if you are trying to use multiple repeating groups to group products that have the same category together, then I’m thinking the outer repeating group should be a search for categories, and the inner repeating group would be a search for products with a constraint where category equals the current cell’s category. I could be way off base here, though, so apologies if I have missed the mark.

I did it, but the following happened, the repeater group is putting another category down there

Here the same category twice

To work I put it like this

I realized that the duplicate of this group only occurs when there is more than one item in a category

The problem is being in time to show what is saved in the database, maybe I am already tired of working so much in the app and I am not realizing the obvious, here is an image of how the database is

All are in their proper categories

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