How to save value of radio buttons from repeating group


I can’t for the life of me figure out how to save the values from radio button in a repeating group.
I have a repeating group with Test & Radio button in it. Text is populated with a list of Questions and Radio Button with a list of Options.

How do I save the questions and corresponding answers on Submit button click?

I have tried using a custom state which is a list. This list is added to when the “Input value of the Radio button is changed” However this does not account for the multiple times you may changes the radio button value before setting on one answer. All the answers get added in that case.

How do I just get the values on Submit button click?


Hi ruchikaabbi,

I may be way off here because I’ve never done it before and I’m relatively new to Bubble but I would do each question as an individual custom state. State 1 will be Q1, state 2 will be Q2 and so on. Then I’d right click the submit button, start workflow and choose "When the submit button is clicked, make a change to Q&A datatype and add field “Q1 = state 1, Q2 = state 2, Q3 = state 3” and so on.

If you need it as a list you could always create another action with a datatype “List of Q&A’s” and add a field as Q&A and then choose “Create a new List of Q&A’s” and choose Unique ID = Step 1’s Unique ID" or along those lines and then you’d end up being able to check individual questions and answers and you’d also have them as a separate list to view too.

That’s how I’d do it.

Ash :bearded_person:t4:

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