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How to scale the height for different phones sizes

Hi, I have a problem and wonder if anyone knows a solution.

I set out building a native mobile app a while ago and used the advised height and width. Throughout the process I had been testing the app on an iPhone SE 2nd Gen and it fit perfectly. When I then tested the app on an iPhone 13 Pro, the content doesn’t scale to fill the bottom of the screen.

First and most important part of the problem
The image below shows the problem. I need the repeating group, highlighted by the red box, to extend further down to the bottom of any given phone screen size so that the excess space underneath, shown by the purple box can be used up.

Second part of problem

I would like to do the same as above and remove/use the excess space at the bottom. In this case I would like to fill the unused space below by increasing the size (height) of the two red boxes called “Bio” and “Experience/Education” shown in the picture below so that it could fill out the page

From what I have researched so far it seems like something to do with HTML and CSS could resolve the problem although I am unfamiliar with how to use these and therefore any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi, have you figured this out yet? I am also facing the same challenge