Native mobile app responsive Height & Text elements


I’m creating a native mobile app and having trouble with responsiveness, I managed to set a responsive width for all the elements in the app except the text size, is it possible to make the font smaller when the width gets smaller?

Also since it’s a native app, I want it to be also responsive in height, not just width, when I’m testing it on iPhone 7 Plus the height is perfect and fill the screen, but on the iPhone 7 it has a vertical scroll and didn’t adjust to the iPhone 7 screen height , can I make the height of the app responsive across devices without vertical scrolls, just like what I did with the width?

any ideas ??

I would suggest using some custom css. If you build with cordova yourself you could make this be applied only for iOS.

You can set a condition on a text element to change the font size when the width is less than a certain size. E.g.


As for height, I have found that tricky as well. This post discusses a method, which I had some limited success with. Setting a group to be % of viewport height dynamically I’m not sure it will solve your scrolling problem as is, but perhaps you can adapt it to meet your needs.


will try it, thanks.

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