How to search in name and category?

Hello. I am using the searchbox to search for app names. These apps are in different categories. The problem is when I search for an app, it is shown in the same category. For example, I search for “UX ARCHIVE” which is in design category, it appears in app analytics. Here is the editor link (read only):

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So what I have been doing to make it super easy on myself is to add a field in the data type as Name + Category and then add the text from both into one field. Then when you search you can just search the one field instead of trying to do complicated search functions.

You can set it up each time you create the new item or if you have your list of items you can do a backend workflow to change them all with a click of a button. If you only have a few set up currently then you can just do it manually in the database.

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I don’t think I got it. Do you mind to give me an example or a demo?

You will have to apply it to how you have your database set up but here is an example:



Hope that helps!

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thanks! appreciated!

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