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'Group by' in search box / Show category in search box results

Dear folks,

I’ve just startet over with Bubble and I love it. However I am struggling with something:

I defined two categories: Services and FAQ.
I have a search box which should dynamically display FAQ items (e.g. How can I make a screenshot with my Lumia?) or Service items (e.g. order Lumia).

I know I can sort the results, but is there a way to somehow use something like “group by category” and display the results like this:

Or, alternatively just something like the search function here in the forum, that will indicate which category a search result belongs to:

Thanks for your help!

Our search box doesn’t support this yet. What you could do though is have a regular input and then use some repeating groups. That way you have way more flexibility in terms of design. However, you won’t have the autocomplete aspect of the search box.

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I appreciate your quick response.
Is it worth bringing it up as a requirement?


You can request it in the features lab. if it’s critical we can talk about it (that’s what sponsoring a feature is for), but it seems like it’s not a critical feature to start building an app is it?

@emmanuel … erm, for us this is absolutely crucial!!

@emmanuel Is there a model of what this would look like with [quote=“emmanuel, post:2, topic:291”]
some repeating groups?

I think it would look like this…

So a repeating group within a repeating group. The 2nd one being the “details”.

Would it be possible to add a Google Custom Search?

And the workflow? At the moment we can only search for one field at a time in the search constraints.

You would need to do two searches in the workflow, set up two custom states, and then merge. I think.

so this would allow us to search from 2 fields, maybe (though I have no idea how to make your ideas work) ? we want to be able to look for words in ANY field…

@emmanuel @georgeciobanu

So, I want to be able to search across a lot of fields from one search box. I guess in the workflow we could search each field separately, and then add all the results to a “temporary” list, and display that in a repeating group. Does that sound about right? And would “Custom State” be something we need to know about? Because I’m not very clear about this function. Thanks.

So I think the question is …

Do you want to search across a single field on multiple tables ? (So “description” on thinga, “description” on thingb etc).

Or multiple fields on one thing (So “description”, “title” etc).

Or a combination of both ?

I have done the first one fairly successfully using a tabbed search box.

So I am searching across three different things (Location, List, User) for a single search field.

I don’t think it is much of a stretch to get from there to a single list.

The issue comes in trying to combine multiple fields from multiple things. You have to have the list being a text, and it becomes quite tricky.