How to securely store sensitive information (3rd party usernames, passwords, etc)?

I am making a Bubble app for a marketing agency.

The agency maintains WordPress websites on behalf of clients.

I need to store WordPress usernames and passwords that allow us to login to our clients WordPress site.

How do I store that information securely in Bubble?

I don’t want to expose that WordPress login information and have the clients potentially get hacked :confused:

Hi @thecashbag !

On bubble pages you can use privacy rules as well as show/hide information in elements based on conditions.

However, all editor users will be able to see any data that you load onto the dB. As for Bubble direct user passwords , they are not shown in the dB by design.

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Was already planning on using Privacy Rules, but I thought that maybe I should be hashing or encrypting them in some way…


If you build good logic in your privacy rules things should be ok

This is a great video on privacy rules made by the great folks at AirDev

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