How to select each uploaded file's privacy rules?

It may not be clear from the title, I’ll explain. Suppose I have 3 types of users (A, B, and C). When an admin uploads a file, how can let only user type A access the file (read and download)? and can I do this to individual users (maybe select users from a table or dropdown who can see this uploaded file)?

you could have 2 more fields on the file record, ‘visible_to_user_types’ and ‘visible_to_users’ which are list of ‘user_types’ and ‘users’ respectively. then you add those users/ user types to the file record. You cloud also (potentially) setup permissions for the user-types, but not so easy for the users.

Thanks! Could you provide screenshots or a video or a editor link to a demo app?

Hey! So what I did till now is I added the fields.

Is there anything wrong with what I did? (I added nothing to the “User” in the data types)

How to list them like this? (I added Internal Users and Subs/Vendors to the “User Types” data type)

And I am sorry for before, I am asking so much from you.
Your help is very appreciated!

I would say your approach to storing user types is against convention, although it could work in the manor of user groups, there is probably a reason (which I cant think of right now!) not to do it that way. I would also use the option sets for user_types, as you don’t really want it accessible from your application for a number of reasons.

So your user_types table should have: user_type_name and not much else. you then add the user type your users table with either a dropdown, yes/no or event a list of users types. There are pros and cons for each.

I hope that helps.

thank you. I will try both. I will see which one works for me.

Hi @nfish . I can’t thank you enough for helping me. I have a small question for you. So I went with option sets. I have included a dropdown that shows the options. Check the screenshots below for more insight of what I did.

So now I can successfully change the user’s team (Internal users…). The thing that I want from all of this is so I can choose who can see the post (log) that I create each time. So what I thought of doing is to add a field in the “Post” data type called “Visible”. So when I create a new post, when the visible’s value (dropdown option set) of this post that is just created is Internal Users, only internal users can see this post (log). But I can’t see anything useful in the conditional part of the repeating group. Any ideas how to achieve this?

So are you able to store the value, just not search for it?

Does this not work for the RG search?

search for post: Posts visible = current users types teams display is ‘internal Users’

Hi sorry for the late reply.

  1. I think I am storing the value of the dropdown in the visible field in “post” data type. Am I doing it wrong?
  2. I will try what you suggested on a separate page for testing purposes but I need to make sure that I am storing the dropdown value correctly.

Thanks again for your great help!

so I did as you said and if I am doing it right it is giving me this

I need the post to be visible to all users by default. When the dropdown’s value is one of the Option Set, the post is only visible to that dropdown’s value user type.

Hey man. I hope you are safe. So I am back at this.

Thanks again for the help!

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